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February 2020

During Global Game Jam 2020, I made Nézoociation (French only, sorry !), a visual novel game. You play as a translator during an animal congress. Can you avoid a world war between dogs, cats and birds ?


November 2019

I made a game live during an event in Enghien, France. During an afternoon, visitors (mostly children) drew characters, backgrounds and items, some of them also made music, and I wrapped all things in a simple multiplayer physics game. Try it here !

Playable games


Co-op arcade game, playable with up to 4 fellow RUNners ! Grab as much money as you can before the timer runs out, and don't get caught ! Get high scores to unlock more levels !


Made for Ludum Dare 39, now available on Steam, with graphics by Pierre Terakopiantz. Turn rooms on and off to help your employees make money ! Don't run out of power !

Scrolling Survivor

Autoscrolling difficult platformer with black-and-white graphics ! Can you survive the scrolling?

Sticky Friends

Grab your sticky friends ! Make sure they don't block your way to happiness !

Bouffe Bouffe Revolution

Made for the Global Game Jam 2016, with graphics by Solen Rullaud. Try to impress your father-in-law by keeping up the rhythm during a meal !

Icara's Takeoff

Made for Ludum Dare 37, with graphics by Pierre Terakopiantz. Play as Icara, shift walls to collect feathers and escape Daedalus' labyrinth !


You suddendly find yourself in a green lush meadow, with an irresistible desire to find four-leaf clovers. Welcome to Ultratrifolio.

Singe Facteur/Batteur

Singe Facteur and Singe Batteur are two games made for the French band Andréas & Nicolas ! Deliver mail while killing bears and collecting ducks in Singe Facteur, or rhythmically mash your keyboard in Singe Batteur !


Made for Ludum Dare 33. Frankenbunny was created by a mad scientist and escaped to a peaceful village. But villagers didn't like him and tried to kill him, so he decided to eat all of their carrots as a revenge ! Will you discover the Golden Carrot Mystery?


Created live in an afternoon with drawings and music made by various children during an event.

Twin Twin

Play as a member of the Twin Twin band, shooting hordes of evil steaks and other enemies ! Compare your scores with other players on Facebook !

101 Starships

A shoot 'em up created for Gamebuino consoles, destroy all ships and get high scores !

Other works

Pixel Puzzle

An original puzzle game where you have to drag pixels to reproduce pictures, like in a 2D Rubik's Cube !


Puzzle game, inspired by Chu Chu Rocket. Help the poor Chooffies escaping the evil Choofarks' labyrinth !