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Time Warp

October 2022

I created Time Warp for Ludum Dare 51! This frantic platformer, inspired by rogue-lites and WarioWare, has a lot of content and feels really polished for a 48-hour game. Maybe I'll make a post-jam version?

Playable games


Co-op arcade game, playable with up to 4 fellow RUNners ! Grab as much money as you can before the timer runs out, and don't get caught ! Get high scores to unlock more levels !


Made for Ludum Dare 39, now available on Steam, with graphics by Pierre Terakopiantz. Turn rooms on and off to help your employees make money ! Don't run out of power !

Scrolling Survivor

Autoscrolling difficult platformer with black-and-white graphics ! Can you survive the scrolling?

Sticky Friends

Grab your sticky friends ! Make sure they don't block your way to happiness !

A Letter To Ed

Created for Ludum Dare 46. Your deceased grandmother asked you to mail some final words to her best friend Ed, whom neither you nor other acquaintances ever heard about. Search for clues and gather enough information so you can send this farewell letter.

Time Warp

Created for Ludum Dare

Bouffe Bouffe Revolution

Made for the Global Game Jam 2016, with graphics by Solen Rullaud. Try to impress your father-in-law by keeping up the rhythm during a meal !

Inner Island

Explore an island and unveil its mysteries by solving puzzles... but could this be part of a bigger puzzle?

Icara's Takeoff

Made for Ludum Dare 37, with graphics by Pierre Terakopiantz. Play as Icara, shift walls to collect feathers and escape Daedalus' labyrinth !


You suddendly find yourself in a green lush meadow, with an irresistible desire to find four-leaf clovers. Welcome to Ultratrifolio.

GIANT Sushi Party!

Made for Ludum Dare 47, with Pierre Terakopiantz and Thomas Guégan. Manage a sushi restaurant and make custom dishes to satisfy your customers !

Singe Facteur/Batteur

Singe Facteur and Singe Batteur are two games made for the French band Andréas & Nicolas ! Deliver mail while killing bears and collecting ducks in Singe Facteur, or rhythmically mash your keyboard in Singe Batteur !


Made for Ludum Dare 33. Frankenbunny was created by a mad scientist and escaped to a peaceful village. But villagers didn't like him and tried to kill him, so he decided to eat all of their carrots as a revenge ! Will you discover the Golden Carrot Mystery?


Created live in an afternoon with drawings and music made by various children during an event.

Twin Twin

Play as a member of the Twin Twin band, shooting hordes of evil steaks and other enemies ! Compare your scores with other players on Facebook !

101 Starships

A shoot 'em up created for Gamebuino consoles, destroy all ships and get high scores !

Other works

Pixel Puzzle

An original puzzle game where you have to drag pixels to reproduce pictures, like in a 2D Rubik's Cube !


Puzzle game, inspired by Chu Chu Rocket. Help the poor Chooffies escaping the evil Choofarks' labyrinth !